The Art of Self Love


The Art of Self Love
Pamela Kribbe channels Mother Mary. 

Self love is supposedly the holy grail of the spiritual quest, but what does it really mean?

Mother Mary will speak about self love from the perspective of the soul, as distinguished from self love on the level of the personality.

Self love means that you acknowledge the broken parts inside you, and allow healing to come to you from a level that goes beyond your personality. Real healing breaks through the control mechanisms of the frightened or proud ego. That’s why self love can be challenging to receive.

Mary invites you to open up to this kind of tough love, because it’s the only kind of love that truly liberates us.

* This is an English channeling. 

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You will receive 3 audio recordings.

An introduction and meditation by Gerrit Gielen and a channeling by Pamela Kribbe. The duration of these recordings together is 65 minutes and you will receive them in your mailbox immediately after your order.

Experiences of participants

“I so enjoyed this, and I am one who feels the separation and oftentimes left alone. And now I know what to do about it. Just amazing wisdom, and your words too Gerrit, they mean the world to me. “You are Beautiful”… “There is beauty inside me. There is beauty in the universe”-“Someone is with you and sees your beauty,” my gosh, this is so wonderful.”

“Thank you so much for this Art of Self Love- it is so helpful and emotionally freeing. I appreciate what you do so much. I even cried with releasing tears through parts of it. Thank you again for helping me to feel so much more clear and less fearful and alone. And for understanding why I felt like I never belonged.”

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