Don’t fear yourself


Pamela Kribbe channels Mary Magdalene

”The reason why many of you have a lack of boundaries is that you are afraid of going inside. What you need most to become rooted and safe is to feel centered and at home with yourself. But at the same time you are very afraid of this. This seems paradoxical. Because why wouldn’t you want to be centered and grounded and close to yourself? The reason is that you were made afraid of yourself”.

”Very often what you really want is not to hurt others, not to blame others, but to get back to create your own safe space inside; to be at home with yourself. To be able to have clear boundaries. To be truthful to yourself.”

”Imagine for a moment what that would be like. For always trust that whatever happens inside of you, whatever emotion, thought of feeling, that it is okay and that you can be with it. It will reveal its meaning to you if you are just there from space of compassion not war, not rejection or conflict but essentially with a feeling of trust. You need to trust your own inner life again…”

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