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Dropping out of the system: challenges for (young) lightworkers


Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua with an introductory meditation by Gerrit Gielen.

There’s a new generation of lightworkers who have a hard time fitting into the fear based traditional structures of education, career and work. Often, they are sensitive and idealistic, and experience great challenges facing the unrealistic pressure and demands of today’s society.

They withdraw, rebel or drop out and many struggle with anxiety, depression and mental disorders.

Jeshua will speak about what is happening to them, how these challenges are part of their soul’s journey and what parents, teachers or therapists can do to assist them.

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You will receive 3 audio recordings and a PDF

An introduction and meditation by Gerrit Gielen and a channeling by Pamela Kribbe. You will also receive the transcript of the channeling. This text is also in English and can be used to run through a translation program so you can read it in your native language.

The duration of the recordings together is 64 minutes and you will receive them immediately after your order in your mailbox.

This lecture that took place on May 2023 at Lightraisers Worldwide.

Monthly messages for lightworkers

Every third Sunday of the month in English and first Sunday of the month in Dutch by Pamela Kribbe and Gerrit Gielen.

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