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The inner child as guide


Pamela Kribbe channels Mother Mary with an introductory meditation by Gerrit Gielen.

Mother Mary invites you in this channeled meditation to connect with your inner child, focusing first on what brings it joy and secondly on what brings up fear and pain.

Mary addresses different aspects of the inner child. On the one hand, the higher emotions of the child point in the direction of your soul’s purpose and help you find it. On the other hand, the child’s darker emotions reflect what is unconscious in you and seeks release and loving acceptance.

In both ways, the inner child can guide us and get us in touch with the meaning of our soul’s journey for this life.

You will receive 2 audio recordings and a PDF

An introduction and meditation by Gerrit Gielen and a channeling by Pamela Kribbe. You will also receive the transcript of the channeling. This text is also in English and can be used to run through a translation program so you can read it in your native language.

The duration of the recordings together is 66 minutes and you will receive them immediately after your order in your mailbox.

This lecture that took place on April 2023 at Lightraisers Worldwide.

Monthly messages for lightworkers

Every third Sunday of the month in English and first Sunday of the month in Dutch by Pamela Kribbe and Gerrit Gielen.

A reaction of a participant

“Your words are so powerful, they lead me right into the depths of my heart where I know I am beautiful, whole, safe, holy, sacred. You help me feel this which is an antidote to the torture the mind can deal out. What a remarkable experience to be able to feel your words, Pamela’s words and actually feel the ENERGY OF THEM, how they rearrange not just our thinking, but the very cells of the body, the chemistry. There was a deep peace at the end of your meditation.”

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