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Playing with the masculine and feminine energies


Pamela Kribbe channels Mary Magdalene about playing with the masculine and feminine energies.

”I deeply respect the courage it took to take humans shape and to live a human life. In which you often feel disconnected from the source. You are now living in either a male or female body. You are not as stuck inside of them as you sometimes think you are. Things are much more flexible than your tradition and society wants you to believe.

You are essentially free and able to manage and use both energies. And when you become aware of this deeply creative energy inside of you which is at home with both, male and female energy, your perspective on relationships changes.

I want you to be aware that you can play with these energies of male and female.

You have had past lifes in the opposite gender. For your soul it’s easy to connect with the idea of having the body of the opposite sex. So what happens to your energy field, to your sensations about yourself when you are in this other body? Say hello to this body and deeply remember that you have been inside a body like this before. In a male body when you are a woman, in a female body when you are a man. Remember it.

And please look at this inside of yourself.

Because you may realize intellectually that this is not possible. That you cannot solve your problems in this way. But deep down in almost every human being there is this yearning, this search for union with an other being, which is in fact a spiritually longing to return to oneness to regain that sense of wholeness that you lost.

Almost every problem that you experience in your life has to do with this deep inner emptiness that is inside of you. All the anxiety, the thinking, the unrest, instability, the hope for ever lasting love, being redeemed by a romantic love, it all springs from this deeply felt pain of separation inside of you. So I’m asking you, I am inviting you to connect with this pain and feel it inside of your body…”

This audio recording has a duration of 35 minutes, and you will receive it in your mailbox immediately after your order.

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