Dealing with the suffering of others


Lightworker souls are often deeply tuned into the feelings of others. As a child, they monitor the emotions of their parents and because of their sensitivity, become very aware of their psychological burdens. Lightworkers have a tendency to become their parents’ parent, to behave older than their age and to feel responsible.

As a grown up, they can be deeply empathic when they fall in love, they can feel so close to their partner that they merge with them and cannot distinguish between their partner’s and their own emotions anymore. They may start to be their partner’s healer, wanting to alleviate their suffering, and ‘co-carry’ their burden of pain.

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The same can happen when they have children or when they have close bonds with friends.

In all these relations, lightworkers have difficulty dealing with the suffering of others. To be an empath means to be able to feel what others feel, which in itself shows that heart based consciousness has awoken inside you. However, if you cannot ‘push the stop button’ and you feel over responsible for the suffering of others, this strong sensitivity and desire to help start to get in the way of your own growth and self expression.

Therefore, it’s vital for lightworkers to develop an attitude of standing back, becoming aware of their true role, and understanding the meaning of suffering.

In addition to explaining the dynamic of wanting to help too much, Jeshua will show how detaching (instead of merging) creates space for a different kind of healing to take place.

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