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You have all done this before


Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua

Many of you don’t want to be here. You feel that you need to get out of this reality in order to feel free, that you cannot experience through freedom on earth. This is partly because of the memories in your soul that are still with you, that you are from past lifetimes, from other lifetimes.

Something happened to you which made you shut down and be very careful with opening your heart again.

You all have experienced what it is like to share with others from the heart, to express your unique energy and you were rejected for it or misunderstood, not accepted…”

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“Just notice how this affected you and still affects you because it is like a pattern, an ingrained habit. You are now expecting this to happen all over again. How does the energy of rejection affects you, your emotions, your body? What precisely is the first feeling you have from the rejection?”

The worst thing that happens is that you start to absorb the judgement from others and you start to reject yourself. This is what creates a self-loss, a loss of connection with yourself, not being at home with yourself anymore…”

You will receive 1 audio recording and a PDF

A channeling by Pamela Kribbe and the transcript of this channeling. This text is also in English and can be used to run through a translation program so you can read it in your native language.

The duration of the recording is 20 minutes and you will receive this immediately after your order in your mailbox.

Monthly messages for lightworkers

Every third Sunday of the month in English and first Sunday of the month in Dutch by Pamela Kribbe and Gerrit Gielen.

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