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Connecting with your soul


Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua about connecting with your soul.

”The soul goes beyond the personality, beyond the body and your genes, your genetic make up and all the external influences which make you into who you are as a personality. The soul, your soul wants to connect with life, with other souls, with the oneness. The unity that keeps everything together. You are not meant to be alone, to be separated. You’re meant to be connected. And at the same time to develop yourself as an unique individual being. You are one, you are unique.

You often feel like you are locked up inside your bodies and inside your heads. And whenever you feel locked up, imprisoned, there’s fear running through your body and your energy-system. Because your soul cannot thrive, cannot flourish when it feels locked up”.

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You are souls who bring in a new energy into earth society. You are here with a certain mission or calling. And this is not something from the outside. It’s something that you, on a deeper level, really desire. You want to change consciousness on Earth. You know that there are other ways of relating to each other and ways of celebrating your uniqueness and uniqueness in other people, which would make life far more interesting and meaningful. And joyful. And so this is basically the transition from ego to heart, from ego based consciousness to heart based consciousness”.

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