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Channeling subscription 2024


Channelings by Pamela Kribbe with introductory meditations by Gerrit Gielen.

Until Sunday, February 18 2024, it is possible to register for the annual channeling subscription 2024. Instead of signing up for the “monthly messages for lightworkers” separately, you can now sign up at once for the rest of the year until November, with discount.

The monthly on line gatherings (which can also be attended without an annual subscription) take place every third Sunday of the month at 8:00 p.m CET / CEST * or whenever you decide to listen, from your own comfy space: home.

Please read the description below carefully so that you know exactly how it works.

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Practical information.

The annual subscription starts on Sunday February 18 2024, ends on Sunday November 17 2024, and must be paid in one installment.

The dates of the channelings are:

February 18, March 17, April 21, May 19, June 16, July 21, August 18, September 15, October 20 and November 17 at 8 p.m. CET / CEST (Amsterdam timezone) – or whenever you decide to listen from the date of the channeling*.

The topics already known:

Sunday, February 18, 2024: The Lightworker’s journey 4 – Understanding your soul’s purpose for this life. Why did you choose this lifetime and how do the challenges you face contribute to your soul’s purpose?

Jeshua will speak about the meaning of your current lifetime, especially in the light of your journey as a lightworker soul.

Many lightworkers are facing challenges related to not fitting in with mass consciousness, and understanding their place on earth.

This lifetime is about truly bringing down your soul’s energy and transforming the pain of the past. Jeshua will talk about how the wound of fear and separation can become your gateway to heart based consciousness.

(More about the Lightworkers Journey)

Sunday, March 17, 2024: The Lightworker’s journey 5 – Expressing your wisdom and light. How to deal with fear of self expression? How to recognize and express your soul’s passion? (More about the Lightworkers Journey)

Subsequent topics will be announced on our website, in the newsletter and webshop.

How does it work?

Immediately after your registration you will receive a one-time order mail from us containing your access to the annual subscription. Your access will lead you to the audio recordings we use for the tuning moments. So please make sure you keep this email carefully stored in your mailbox.

Do you have an account? Then make sure you are logged in before you place your order so that you can be directed to the recordings through your account portal in addition to the order mail.

On the day of each channeling around 4 p.m CET / CEST, your access link in the order email and/or account will be made active. When you click on your link you will be directed to the audio recordings. The audio recordings can be downloaded as an mp3 file and/or listened to via the online music player.

During the tuning moments at 08:00 p.m CET / CEST we listen to the introductory meditation by Gerrit Gielen and the channeling by Pamela Kribbe.

Can’t make it during the agreed time?

But would you still like to participate? You can always listen to the audio recordings in your own moment. * Always be sure to download the recordings within 14 days and carefully save them in a folder on your computer or phone. This way you can listen to the recordings as many times as you like and make sure that you will continue to have access to them. The access we grant to the files expires over time.


The channeled messages are not a live stream (with video footage). We work with audio recordings that we use for the agreed time, so that you are invited to turn inward and focus all of your attention on yourself.

By listening to the messages together and connecting with these energies of the heart simultaneously, the entire network on Earth of heart based energy is reinforced and activated.

For energetic clarity, every person who chooses to participate, should register themselves. 1 registration gives access to the meditations / channelings for 1 person.

In addition to the audio recordings, you will now receive the transcription (PDF) of the channeling. This is an extra service. The channelings are written out by volunteers and are usually available a few days after the event. However, in exceptional cases it may take weeks or even months for them to be available. You will find the transcriptions in your order email or account.

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