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The Lightworker’s Journey 2. The lightworker’s transition from ego to heart


Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua with an introductory meditation by Gerrit Gielen.

What are the four different stages of this evolutionary inner journey and where are you?

Learn more about this topic and new monthly series in the description below.

The lightworker’s transition from ego to heart

In The Lightworker Series (see the chapters titled “From ego to heart”) Jeshua distinguishes between four different stages in the transition from ego to heart.

1. Being unsatisfied by what ego based consciousness has to offer you, longing for “something else:” the beginning of the end

2. Becoming aware of your ties to ego based consciousness, recognizing and releasing the emotions and thoughts that go with it: the middle of the end

3. Letting the old ego based energies inside you die, throwing off the cocoon, becoming your new self: the end of the end

4. The awakening of a heart based consciousness within you, motivated by love and freedom; helping others making the transition

These 4 stages constitute a profound shift in consciousness that takes place over the course of many lifetimes.

Most lightworker souls are currently in stage 3 or 4 of this journey.

Jeshua will address the main challenges that lightworkers face in these stages, and encourage us to embrace the next step more fully.

You will receive 2 audio recordings and a PDF

An introductory meditation by Gerrit Gielen and a channeling by Pamela Kribbe. You will also receive the transcript of the channeling. This text is also in English and can be used to run through a translation program so you can read it in your native language.

The duration of the recordings together is 58 minutes and you will receive them immediately after your order in your mailbox.

This lecture that took place on October, 2023 at Lightraisers Worldwide.

The Lightworker’s Journey Serie

In this series, Pamela will offer channelings from Jeshua on the nature, history and destination of lightworker souls. This topic has been addressed comprehensively in the book The Jeshua Channelings and in The Lightworker Series on jeshua.net

The upcoming series of channelings addresses the topic anew and aims to highlight in particular:

 what is important for lightworkers to know now, at this point in time, as humanity is impacted by deep changes and challenges

 what are the most persistent fears and obstacles that keep lightworkers from embracing their light and expressing it

 in what way lightworkers are different and cannot fit into mainstream consciousness, and how to cope with ‘being different’

 your soul’s purpose for this lifetime, from the perspective of your larger journey as a lightworker soul through many past incarnations

Pamela’s channelings of Jeshua will be preceded by an introduction and meditation from Gerrit.

The online lectures of these series can be joined separately. Attending one does not require knowledge of the previous ones. However, it will be helpful to read the Lightworker Series as background.


Sunday February 18 2024:  4) Understanding your soul’s purpose for this life

Why did you choose this lifetime and how do the challenges you face contribute to your soul’s purpose?

Sunday March 17 2024: 5) Expressing your wisdom and light

How to deal with fear of self expression? How to recognize and express your soul’s passion?

Some experiences of participants from previous events

“Thank you a lot Pamela and Gerrit, it was beautiful. This is also very supportive and encouraging for all of us. Thank you from the heart (du fond du coeur, desde el corazon)!”

“Hello Pamela and friends: I did get to hear your program and found it to be very enlightening, insightful, and helpful! This has given me much to think about. Many thanks for making this available.”

“Thank you Gerrit and Pamela for the meditation and channeling. I felt the heart connection very strong in the message and to Gaia and everything. I cried tears of joy and recognition as I connected with with our soul tribe of lightworkers in listening to this.”

“I just listened to the channeling and I’m absolutely filled with gratitude for the rich content, your voice which penetrates my being, and for always moving me off the mark to a higher place where I can further understand my path. This is the only news of the world I crave and yearn for. Thank you for feeding me what elevates me further to awakening down here. With love and appreciation.”

“Thank you so much….! Your channelings have been grounding me and supporting me since I found the blog in 2012. This is the first time I have been able to participate in one of your workshops. I really enjoyed it and I received great value out of it. I will most certainly repeat it. Blessings and love from Argentina”

“Thank you so much!! I felt deeply touched in my heart and cried a lot… There was again so much confirmation in your messages of what happens in my life. I’ve read your monthly channelllings since years and I am always so astonished how they fit exactly into my life! Thank you so so much – lots of love from Switzerland!”

“Dear Jeshua, dear Pamela, dear Gerrit, Thank you for this wonderful message. I feel the truth in it and the connection between all of us. Lots of love.”

“Thank you Pamela, thank you Gerrit, thank you Jeshua. I feel very warmly touched by your wise and loving words and energies. It is so good to know that there are also other humans who are also in touch with the divine source within our hearts and the wisdom that comes from there. May the combined energies of feminine and masculin power and love heal our planet, nature and all beings now and everything that is ready for this in the whole universe. Love from heart.”

“Hello Dear Friends, Thank you for these beautiful moments of connection and peace. I believe that at the same time they are also healing for us as individual souls.Again, Thank You for the invaluable work!”

“Thank you! The channeling and the group connection was highly helpful and needed. Sending much gratitude! Peace and love.”

“So beautiful….for the first time I feel really what it is to be a light worker, ….wow I am so happy to be! thank you so much for your voices, love and peace and de warmth of your hearts and all the words you say to us with love”

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