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Mary’s New Year’s message 2023


❥ Reclaiming the Feminine Within

On Sunday 15 January 2023 at 08:00 pm CET+1 by Pamela Kribbe and Gerrit Gielen.

The New Year’s Message 2023 is part of the Bundle ★ Christmas + New Year’s Message 2023. If you have signed up for this bundle, you automatically received discounted access to this New Year’s message.

❥ Are you unable to attend on this day but would you still like to participate? Then you can still sign up; you have up to 7 days to download the audio recordings so you can listen to them as often as you wish.

* This text continues below in the description. There you can also read exactly how it works.
* This is an English channeling.

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The year 2023 begins with an overwhelming sense of crisis on several levels.

Humanity seems powerless in the face of war, emerging dictatorships, exploitation of nature and climate change.

Mary’s message focuses on the common root of what has caused these crises and what makes us unable to address them: a very strong dependence on a masculine energy that has lost connection with the feminine.

This restless, hungry and disconnected form of masculinity is not just something outside us. It has become part of who we are, is institutionalised in our economic system, our mechanical way of looking at our bodies, our focus on the material as the only reality there is.

Mary invites us to become aware of this disconnected part in us, and to awaken the feminine energy that has become neglected as a result. Both women and men have lost touch with their femininity, and humanity needs a return of the feminine within itself more than ever.

Mary’s New Year’s message 2023

Sunday January 15, 2023 at 08:00 pm CET+1 (Amsterdam)
Introductory meditation by Gerrit Gielen
Pamela Kribbe channels Mary
Receive from your own nice place: at home

How does it work?

Immediately after your registration, you will receive a one-time email from us containing the summary of your order with your access for Sunday January 15 2023 that will lead you to the audio recordings we use for the agreed time. Keep this e-mail in a careful place in your mailbox.

On the day of the channeling between (approximately) 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM CET + 1 (Amsterdam), you will see the audio recordings appear through your access. At 08:00 PM CET + 1 (Amsterdam) we will start listening to the audio recordings together. The recordings can be downloaded as an mp3 file and / or listened to through the online music player. We start with the introductory meditation by Gerrit Gielen. Then we listen to the channelings by Pamela Kribbe.

Can’t make it during the tuning moment?

Then you can also listen to the audio recordings in your own moment. If you download the recordings, you can listen to them as many times as you wish. Therefore, make sure you download the recordings within 7 days. Then your access will expire.


The channeled messages are not a live stream (with video footage). We work with audio recordings that we use for the agreed time. In this way, you are not distracted but rather invited to focus your attention all the way inside yourself. By listening to the messages together and connecting with these energies of the heart simultaneously, the entire network on Earth of heart based energy is reinforced and activated.

For energetic clarity, every person who wants to participate, must register themselves. 1 registration gives access to the meditation / channeling for 1 person.

From the moment you register, you commit yourself energetically to the process. The messages are attuned to the collective of the participants who participate or who have the intention to join.

Som experiences of participants from previous events

“Thank you a lot Pamela and Gerrit, it was beautiful. This is also very supportive and encouraging for all of us. Thank you from the heart (du fond du coeur, desde el corazon)!”

“Hello Pamela and friends: I did get to hear your program and found it to be very enlightening, insightful, and helpful! This has given me much to think about. Many thanks for making this available.”

“Thank you Gerrit and Pamela for the meditation and channeling. I felt the heart connection very strong in the message and to Gaia and everything. I cried tears of joy and recognition as I connected with with our soul tribe of lightworkers in listening to this.”

“I just listened to the channeling and I’m absolutely filled with gratitude for the rich content, your voice which penetrates my being, and for always moving me off the mark to a higher place where I can further understand my path. This is the only news of the world I crave and yearn for. Thank you for feeding me what elevates me further to awakening down here. With love and appreciation.”

“Thank you so much….! Your channelings have been grounding me and supporting me since I found the blog in 2012. This is the first time I have been able to participate in one of your workshops. I really enjoyed it and I received great value out of it. I will most certainly repeat it. Blessings and love from Argentina”

“Thank you so much!! I felt deeply touched in my heart and cried a lot… There was again so much confirmation in your messages of what happens in my life. I’ve read your monthly channelllings since years and I am always so astonished how they fit exactly into my life! Thank you so so much – lots of love from Switzerland!”

“Dear Jeshua, dear Pamela, dear Gerrit, Thank you for this wonderful message. I feel the truth in it and the connection between all of us. Lots of love.”

“Thank you Pamela, thank you Gerrit, thank you Jeshua. I feel very warmly touched by your wise and loving words and energies. It is so good to know that there are also other humans who are also in touch with the divine source within our hearts and the wisdom that comes from there. May the combined energies of feminine and masculin power and love heal our planet, nature and all beings now and everything that is ready for this in the whole universe. Love from heart.”

“Hello Dear Friends, Thank you for these beautiful moments of connection and peace. I believe that at the same time they are also healing for us as individual souls.Again, Thank You for the invaluable work!”

“Thank you! The channeling and the group connection was highly helpful and needed. Sending much gratitude! Peace and love.”

“So beautiful….for the first time I feel really what it is to be a light worker, ….wow I am so happy to be! thank you so much for your voices, love and peace and de warmth of your hearts and all the words you say to us with love”

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