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Reclaiming the Feminine Within


Pamela Kribbe channels Mother Mary with an introductory meditation by Gerrit Gielen.

We have arrived in a period with an overwhelming sense of crisis on several levels. Humanity seems powerless in the face of war, emerging dictatorships, exploitation of nature and climate change.

Mary’s message focuses on the common root of what has caused these crises and what makes us unable to address them: a very strong dependence on a masculine energy that has lost connection with the feminine.

This restless, hungry and disconnected form of masculinity is not just something outside us. It has become part of who we are, is institutionalised in our economic system, our mechanical way of looking at our bodies, our focus on the material as the only reality there is.

Mary invites us to become aware of this disconnected part in us, and to awaken the feminine energy that has become neglected as a result. Both women and men have lost touch with their femininity, and humanity needs a return of the feminine within itself more than ever.

You will receive 3 audio recordings and a transcription

An introduction and meditation by Gerrit Gielen and a channeling by Pamela Kribbe. You will also receive the transcript of the channeling. This text is also in English and can be used to run through a translation program so you can read it in your native language.

The duration of the recordings together is 59 minutes and you will receive them immediately after your order in your mailbox.

This bundle is the New Year’s message 2023 that took place on January 15, 2023 at Lightraisers Worldwide.

Monthly messages for lightworkers

Every third Sunday of the month in English and first Sunday of the month in Dutch by Pamela Kribbe and Gerrit Gielen.

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